Liquid Gold Prints

Terms and Conditions of Sale Cancellations, Changes & Returns

Accepted only with prior written approval from Liquid Gold Prints.
No cancellations will be accepted if order is in process.
Any costs incurred by Seller prior to acceptance of cancellation will be invoiced.
Changes to orders (prior to production) will usually require an extra cost.

Liquid Gold Prints cannot guarantee exact shade, color, size, texture, consistency in quality or construction of finished goods as they vary from lot to lot. Customer may check actual product prior to ordering if this is a concern or issue. Exact duplication of colors including PMS (pantone matching system) colors is not always possible, Liquid Gold Prints will always attempt to match the colors as closely as possible.


Customer assumes complete responsibility for artwork and warrants that they have the right to use the marks, symbols, or designs depicted in the artwork. Liquid Gold Prints soley relies on the customer’s representation that they are authorized to utilize any copy or marks and Customer holds Liquid Gold Prints harmless and will indemnify Liquid Gold Prints for any and all claims resulting from printing, embroidery or other embellishments performed for customer by Liquid Gold Prints.


Title to the goods shall pass to Customer upon delivery to customer or common freight carrier at the shipping point. LIQUID GOLD PRINTS is not responsible for delays, lost goods or damages caused by the freight carrier but will assist in tracking shipments. Shipping dates are estimated and not guaranteed. If you have a hard deadline or in-hands date, please verify this at the beginning of the order process with your sales representative.


In the event Industry shall be unable or fail at any time to make or supply the goods ordered due to any condition, contingency, delay, failure or cause beyond the control of the LIQUID GOLD PRINTS and whether or not any such contingency is presently occurring, LIQUID GOLD PRINTS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO BUYER FOR FAILURE TO SUPPLY DURING THE PERIOD AND TO THE EXTENT OF SUCH DISABILITY INCLUDING SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING PROFITS OR PROFITS LOST).


In no event shall Liquid Gold Prints be liable to Customer for any amount greater that the amount paid to Liquid Gold Prints to provide goods or services. All transactions are subject to and governed by the laws of the State of Florida.