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In 2017, Liquid Gold Prints LLC undertook a transformative move to Tampa, FL, where the business underwent a revitalization led by the original founders. Maintaining their initial vision, the team dedicated themselves to serving the city of Tampa and its surrounding areas.

Beyond mere profit, Liquid Gold Prints LLC embodies a mission that goes deeper just printing on a shirt. The founders aspire to illustrate that creativity and goal achievement go hand in hand. Prioritizing quality, each of our prints is meticulously handcrafted, providing you with an unparalleled screen print experience.

This is the place Where Your Vision Becomes Reality!

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Where Your Vision Becomes Reality!

At Liquid Gold Prints LLC, Our Goal and Mission is to bring your vision into a vibrant reality through our 10+ yrs of Screen Printing & Apparel decoration experience. Embrace the journey of seeing your imagination come to life, telling the story every print has to offer. Watch as your vision becomes a vivid reality with L.G.P!

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